Steven Woodward

Steven Woodward

CEO Cloud Perspectives


Steven Woodward is a Director with the Cloud Security Alliance Canadian Chapter and is also an Canadian representative with ISO/ IEC SC38 (Cloud Computing) and SC7 (Software Systems), he also contributes to other cloud, government and ICT communities.

Steven has authored several published chapters in software metrics best-practices books and regularly contributes articles and acts as an editor/reviewer of other publications, including IEEE.

In 2018 Steven is leading cloud federation security definitions in conjunction with NIST and IEEE, largely based on the earlier work efforts from the Cloud Security Alliance. Steven also leads, providing content for Edge Computing Security and Geo-Jurisdiction Models with ISO/ IEC SC38.

Steven will also help the Cloud Security Alliance Canadian Chapter work on evaluating General Data Protection Regulation impact on Canadian consumers and providers.

He is also CEO of Cloud Perspectives, helping educate, plan and execute secured cloud transformation in private (including OpenStack) and public cloud deployments.

Steven is known for his interactive style and unique logical perspectives that encourages value-focused transformative change.